The Kestrels Edit

The Kestrels are the latest group to enter the "Fateswain Saga" canon of the Dragon Age universe. While focused on the events in Ostwick, the coastal city found much further East of Folly, it will eventually fold into the greater events as time goes on. Based on a theme of spies and intrigue, it introduces new elements of the game engine in the way of Factions.

Main Plot Edit

Originating as new assets to Lelianna's spy network, they are inducted into the new Inquisition amid betrayal amongst their ranks and the introduction of a new enemy: The Venatori. Fleeing from the city after being brutally ambushed, they link up with the surviving agents sent to reinforce them from the Inquisition base at Haven. Now, they must work together to rebuild the Inquisitions presence in the region, recruiting new assets and fighting their way back into the city. The enemy have some great plan, and it cannot be good.

The Heroes Edit

The Threats Edit

The Friends Edit

Agent Ram Adaar of the Inquisition

  • Keth the Templar
  • The Apothacary
  • Warden LeClaire
  • Ciaran Trevelyan
  • Lady Esme Trevelyan
  • The Ostwick Inquisition Cell (Deceased)

The Wild Cards Edit

  • Philipa Trevelyan
  • Griefer

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