The Fateswain Edit

The Fateswain are the original group which run with themes such as the nature of destiny, sacrifice and generally play the higher level game. Their campaign runs at the same time period as the other two groups and affects and is affected by them.

The Story So Far

Main Plot Edit

Four random heroes are drawn into a plot to save the world. A mysterious force compels them using the ancient magics of Fateswain Lyrium Marks, brands that steer the fate of the branded. Seemingly set on a course towards a lesser known township called Folly, they must brave the unfolding chaos of the rise of Corephyus and the Inquisition. Because at Folly, she sleeps and must never awaken.

The HeroesEdit

The Threats Edit

  • Magister Grimaldi
  • Nox, the Dragon of Grimaldi
  • Larga
  • The Stags
  • The Venatori

The Friends Edit

  • Heksel of the Inquisition
  • Elysa the Mad (Mosswake)
  • Mayor Cassie (Mosswake)

The Wild Cards Edit

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