The Bloody Stags Edit

The Bloody Stags make up the second group in the interconnecting campaigns. Playing the roles of the youngest and dearest members in a mercenary company, the Bloody Stags, they follow a path of veneance: Against the Fateswain! The game here is based around themes of revenge and what it costs those pursuing it. Ultimately this will result with a show down with those characters from the primary Fateswain group. The results of which could determine everything!

Main Plot Edit

Following after the Fateswain group, the plot follows the vengeful mercenaries of the bloody Stags company chasing after the murderers of their leader Brynn. After being surprised by the turn of events and seeing them from their side (after the Fateswain had their session, from their side), the group is quickly bound on a path of revenge, attached to the nefarious employers of the Venatori. Truly caught on the wrong side of the moral high ground, how much will they pay to avenge the one person who gave them all a second chance? How long until their employer betrays them?

The Heroes Edit

The Threats Edit

The Friends Edit

  • Heksel of the Inquisition
  • Brynn Stagmaker
  • Neris Knee Breaker
  • The Bloody Stags

Wild Cards Edit

  • The Harlequin
  • Lestor (Venatori)

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